Category:  Temporary Εxhibitions

Start Date:  05 Apr 2017

End Date:  18 May 2017

Inauguration:  04 Apr 2017

Start Date Time:  20:00

Showroom:  πτέρυγα περιοδικών εκθέσεων "Κυριάκος Κρόκος"

The Museum of Byzantine Culture presents the temporary exhibition  WALKING... THROUGH THESSALONIKI | VIENNA, which is to take place at the Kyriakos Krokos temporary exhibition wing. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at 20.00. The event seeks to reveal “walking” as art and method of recognizing the environment; as a technique that focuses on the actions of movement and their effects on people and society.  

In this context “walking” is taken as a starting point, which treats human relations; which, as a way and a medium of perception, expresses the possibility of a mutual relation of exchange between people and things.

As a method, it focuses on the realization, presentation and interpretation of events and commitments in the political and economical space; as a quality that brings beings into contact with the “world”, creating thus ways of facing it. The question regarding the “foreign” in relation to an “unconditional” hospitality takes the experience of walking for granted; walking as an action that calls upon the connection between the foreign and the hospitality.

Participating artists: Irini Athanassaki, Afroditi Boutou, Carla Degenhardt, Romana Hagyo, Maria Hubinger, Vicky Kalafati, Anni Kaltsidou, Leonie Lehner, Silke Maier-Gamauf, Alexandra Marati, Michael, Michlmayr, Kyriaki Phili, Edith Plattner          .                      

Curated by: Sofia Panteliadou                                               


Duration: 5 April  – 18 May 2017

Kyriakos Krokos temporary exhibition wing

Free entrance