Kerala stands apart from the rest of India in terms of its matriarchal structure and higher levels of literacy and human development index. In prior work, Keswani had developed a financial behaviour scale used to understand the main financial behavioural traits of individuals from northern states of U.P, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. We were interested in understanding the similarities and differences in financial behavioural traits of individuals from north and south India. In this work, we set out to try and find the main underlying traits of financial personality among Indians.

In the medium-term, we identified that a bullish market trend and beta of the stock were statistically significant factors that positively affect the probability of success in achieving target price. However, we did not find any significance of volume traded , price aggressiveness and industry sector with the success of recommendation in achieving target price. Our study also suggests that no particular recommender had an edge over the other recommenders as far as the probability of target being achieve was concerned.

  • Access to education and improvement in literacy rates leadsto higher economic growth, improvements in public health outcomes, and poverty eradication in developing countries.
  • We also find from Kaplan Meier curves that 48.38% of “BUY” recommendation and 44% of “SELL” recommendation have not reached their recommended target prices, even after the expiry of the prescribed 9 months window.
  • We are also interested in understanding how financial management behaviours can affect the financial well-being of individuals, given that they are faced with certain external financial circumstances.

The state of Delhi had a negative coefficient, which indicates that SRB has worsened after the policy implementation. Among control variables, higher income per capita has a positive impact on SRB. However, some of the wealthier states such as Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh report decrease in SRB over the years. We conclude that BBBP policy has been successful only in a few states in improving sex ratio at birth.

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Finance 2020 increased the tolerance limit from 5% to 10%, and the changes have been made in the ITR. Schedule DI inserted in the previous ITR forms for any investment made for the extended period allowed, i.e. 1st April 20 to 31st July 20, is now removed from all the ITR Forms. Incomes that are not taxable are specified under Section 10 of the Income Tax Act. The income can be partly or fully exempt depending on the guidelines or conditions prescribed in Section 10. Allowances that may be exempt to a certain extent include HRA, LTA, transport allowance, etc. Gratuity, leave encashment, and pension may be exempt under Section 10 of the Act.

  • It dropped even more in 2001 and 2011, to 90.5 percent and 89.5 percent, respectively.
  • In a country with a large population, few jobs and uncertainty in agricultural incomes, assurance of a steady income stream is more important to the overall financial well-being than the level of income per capita.
  • Socially motivated aspirations can, via materialism, lower financial well-being; but they may directly improve financial well-being too.
  • IRT Technologies Private Limited last annual general meet happened on 30 Dec, 2014.

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The objective of this thesis is to empirically evaluate efficacy of what is return on investment by analysing the stock recommendations given by the technical analyst over a period of around 4 years (9-Mar-2011 to 22-Sept-2014). 213 “Buy” recommendations made in this period were randomly selected and were analysed separately for short-term and medium-term return (time period of 5-6-months) on investments. A conditional logit model of consumer choices showed that price had a statistically significant and negative impact on the choice.

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Independence Realty Trust: Modestly Valued Multifamily REIT (IRT).

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Access to education and improvement in literacy rates leadsto higher economic growth, improvements in public health outcomes, and poverty eradication in developing countries. In programs aimed at raising literacy rates and educating the masses, it is necessary to include men as well as women. Education empowers women to make decisions that benefit the entire family, which has a downstream effect on societal wellbeing.

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Independence Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:IRT) Shares Sold by ….

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This may be due to deeply entrenched cultural attitudes related to son preference and the prevalence of the dowry system. Implementation of BBBP will be successful only if there is a greater involvement at a regional level. Education and awareness programs along with efforts to change cultural mores may improve sex ratio at birth.

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The company was founded on March 26, 2009 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Independence Realty Trust Inc share price live 16.28, this page displays NYSE IRT stock exchange data. View the IRT premarket stock price ahead of the market session or assess the after hours quote.


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Several researche have studied over-tourism in the context of a given destination using primary data that measure the perceptions and attitudes of local residents and tourists. Such latent measures for perceived over-tourism based on primary data may not be generalizable to other destinations. Further, while these attitudinal scales may accurately capture local sentiment, they are costly to administer and difficult to replicate across several destinations. In this thesis, we have performed a post-facto analysis on the item response dataset of the GATE examination conducted in 2015. We analyze data for 15 out of 23 subjects and our sample consists of 66,084 candidates.

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A questionnaire was designed using available scales for financial well-being and materialism. Upward social comparison motives and income security questions were incorporated. A structural equation model using data from 329 respondents was used to understand how different personal traits and socioeconomic variables affected financial well-being. The primary contribution of this study is the finding that income security rather than the level of income itself was the primary factor that affected financial well-being among Indian individuals. In a country with a large population, few jobs and uncertainty in agricultural incomes, assurance of a steady income stream is more important to the overall financial well-being than the level of income per capita.

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Our aim in this work was to identify the models that have the best fit for the GATE 2015 data. Initially, we implemented two variations of traditional IRT models with a single latent trait. Then we implemented four variations of an advanced Tree-based Item response model, which uses a tree structure to replicate the process of attempting a question. Finally, we compare three possible tree structures that represent alternative decision processes of the test taker, even though one of the tree structures is intuitively most pleasing. In the present thesis, we use the same data to identify segments of the population that scored similarly on each of these six dimensions of financial behaviour.

Godrej had a negative impact on choice irrespective of changes in price with respect to Samsung. For the other brands , the cross price elasticity was positive while the own price elasticity was negative as expected. Primary data was collected by questionnaires administered to a sample of 82 respondents in the campus to understand the preferences of consumers for different attributes and brands of refrigerators.

The path coefficients in the structural model indicated that overt materialism negatively affects financial well-being. Socially motivated aspirations have an indirect negative effect mediated by overt materialism, but a direct positive effect. Income security has the largest effect on subjective financial well-being, and it is positive. The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of materialistic values, socially driven aspirations and income security motives in determining the financial well-being of Indian adults.