August Full Moon 2021


On Sunday, August 22, 2021, at 21:00, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, in the context of the annual celebration of the August Full Moon by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, will present on its patio a music event with songs from the artful Greek and foreign repertoire. The musical trio consisting of guitarist-singer Giorgos Karavelakis, pianist Giorgos Tziafetta and singer Niki Dousiopoulou will present songs by great composers and young up-and-coming composers.

Giorgos Karavelakis, accompanied by the classical guitar, has been expressing himself for over 30 years through the songs he chooses to perform in music scenes and performances, having collaborated with many artful music groups in Thessaloniki.

Niki Dousiopoulou is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of AUTh. specializing in Musicology-Music Pedagogy, while he also holds degrees in Advanced Theory of Music and Contemporary-Jazz song. She has collaborated with renowned Greek musicians and singers such as Manolis Lidakis, while important milestones in her career so far are her collaboration with musical ensembles of the Thessaloniki State Orchestra, as well as her collaboration with the Folk Orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis.

George Tziafettas is a graduate of the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia and a graduate of the highest theories of harmony-counterpoint-fugue. He has attended piano and accompaniment seminars with internationally renowned pianists (masterclass) such as D. Eunouchidou, Borg Anne, K. Karatza as well as piano accompaniment with G. Vagianos. He collaborated with well-known actors of the country in musical performances, such as G. Valtinos, G. Servetas, A. Loudaros, Orestis Tziova and others. He has been involved in the Composition of Theatrical and Cinematic Music since 2008, while in April 2019 he was awarded at the 9th Thessaloniki Theatrical Awards for the best theatrical music of the year.

The Museum will remain open to the public with free admission to the permanent & periodic exhibitions from 18.00 to 21:00.

The entrance of the public for the free visit of the Museum [exhibition spaces for a limited period of time (30΄ to 40 ΄)] and the departure will be done with a controlled flow of the visitors.

Registration is required to participate in the concert, as the number of seats is limited due to health and safety measures in the context of limiting the effects of the pandemic. Total spectators: 120 seated, 90 on the patio and 30 on the balcony of the peristyle.

Admission free (with registration at the phones: 2313306421, 2313306422 (Daily 9.00 – 15.00).

The use of a non-medical mask is mandatory in all areas of the Museum and during the event.