Wall painting with a scene of Sink

Wall painting with a scene of Sink
  • Code:  ΒΤ 36
  • Type:  Wall-painting-fresco(detached)
  • Chronology:  1360-1380
  • Dimensions:  Height 0.92 m; width 0.78 m.; Thickness 0.06 m
  • Materials of Construction:  Mortar and pigments
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki, Vlatadon Monastery

The wall painting is detached from the sanctuary of the Catholikon of the Vlatadon Monastery. Seven Apostles, in fragmentary state of preservation, are depicted in a neutral background talking to each other, seated on a semicircular bench with their feet placed on a rectangular footrest. The sandal of the right foot of Apostle Andreas, the fourth from the left to the viewer, is untied. The prototype of this scene, even in details, can be traced to identical compositions of the first quarter of the 14th century in Agios Nikolaos Orfanos and Chilandar Monastery in Mount Athos.