Two-sided icon with Virgin and Saint Barbara

Two-sided icon with Virgin and Saint Barbara
  • Code:  ΒΕΙ 965
  • Type:  Icon
  • Chronology:  second half 14th c.-early 15th c.
  • Dimensions:  Height 119 cm; Length 77 c.; width 3 cm
  • Materials of Construction:  Wood; egg tempera

The two-sided icon is painted both sides. On the front side Virgin Mary Hodegetria is represented half-way, praying with her right hand on the chest, holding Christ, who blesses with his right hand, while in his left hand he holds a wrapped scroll. The iconographic type got its name from the original icon of the Hodegon Monastery in Constantinople; this was part of a procession that used to take place every Tuesday in the streets of the city. Made of the same wood, the frame of the front side reveals the earlier stage of the painting surface, whose repainting dates from the early 15th century. On the back side Saint Barbara is represented in the style of the second half of 14th century. The 3rd century martyr is pictured half-way, in a rich dress that hints at her aristocratic descent. She bears a cross (symbol of her martyrdom) and has her left palm in prayer. The icon is integrated within the production of the workshop of the Macedonian area.