Spyros Papaloukas Horarion

Spyros Papaloukas Horarion
  • Code:  ΝΕΤ 041
  • Type:  Artwork
  • Chronology:  1923-1924
  • Dimensions:  Height 41, 7 εκ., length 37,7 εκ.
  • Materials of Construction:  Oil painting on paper
  • Origin:  Mina Papalouka donation

Twenty-two (22) oil paintings on cardboard, which consist the largest part of the artwork Horarion, which initially had twenty-four (24) scenes. It is dated in 1924. The scenes depict parts of the Akathist Hymn. Their model has been the horarion (deacon’s garment) that the Head Priest Dorotheos had bequeathed to the Stavronikita Monastery in 16th century.