The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
  • Code:  ΝΕΤ 001
  • Type:  Copy of a fresco
  • Chronology:  1950-1960
  • Dimensions:  Height 121 εκ., length 70,5 εκ.
  • Materials of Construction:  Watercolor on manila paper attached to canvas
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki

Copy of a fresco found in a tomb on Bizaniou street in 1955. The fresco covered the western narrow side of the tomb. Against a back ground of dark ochre the young figure of the Good Shepherd is depicted, now destroyed in half. The theme of the Good Shepherd is a continuation of the ancient Greek kriophoros (ram-bearer). The youth is wearing a short tunic bound in the waist and boots. He has the hands folded upon the chest. On the upper and lower part the composition is framed by red strip.