Fragment of a mural mosaic

Fragment of a mural mosaic
  • Code:  ΒΨ 40
  • Type:  Mosaics
  • Chronology:  mid 5th c
  • Dimensions:  Height 1.85 m; width 0.63 m
  • Materials of Construction:  Glass. Gold, green and blue tesserai
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki, Acheiropoietos Basilica

Fragment of a mural mosaic depicting a water fountain, which was until recently covered under a newer wall at the western end of the central nave of the Basilica. On the detached mosaic is depicted the lower part of a sumptuous water fountain rendered in hues of blue, from which water is pouring out falling on leafy branches and a bird. The scene is presented on gold background. This theme is part of the mosaic decoration of the basilica, which consists of sumptuous floral and geometrical motives. Yet, along the intensively decorative character of these mosaics, several themes on them imply a clearly religious symbolism, like the depiction of gushing water which denotes that with it the believer’s soul is reborn