Fan-shaped pulpit

Fan-shaped pulpit
  • Code:  ΑΓ 3336
  • Type:  Pulpit
  • Chronology:  6th c.
  • Dimensions:  Height 3.14 m; length 2.69 m.
  • Materials of Construction:  Marble
  • Origin:  Philippi, Basilica C (Museum)

Fan-shaped pulpit from the Basilica C of Philippi. Its main, east side is decorated with shallow niches ending in shell-shaped ornaments and two small columns. The two ends of the east side terminate in a square pillar bearing a relief fire-bearer candlestick. The elevated balcony is decorated with rhombs that enclose a cross. The two lateral sides in the north and in the south are intensely curved. They bear trims and are structured into slabs, which are adorned with rhombs and and triangles enclosing crosses, fruits and bird. The pedestal of the pulpit remained at the archaeological site of the Basilica, while a replica of it was placed in the museum, on which the restoration of the pulpit was done. The pulpit had collapsed in the devastating earthquake of 7th century. Fan-shaped pulpits are quite rare and are distinguished for their monumentality. The pulpit of the Rotunda, now at the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, and the pulpit of the Basilica A in Nea Anchialos  of Volos also belong to this group.