• Code:  ΒΥΦ 57
  • Type:  Liturgical cloth, Epitaphios
  • Chronology:  ca. 1300
  • Dimensions:  Length 200 c m; width 70 cm
  • Materials of Construction:  Silk, linen, gold and silver
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki

·         Origin:  Thessaloniki

Silk, gold-embroidered epitaphios. Rectangular fabric used in the Orthodox Church in the services of Good Friday. In the center is represented the dead Christ surrounded by angels. Right and left are represented the Transmission and the Communion of the Holy Gifts of Christ to the Apostles. This cloth is an extraordinary and unique work of art. Probably product of a workshop in Thessaloniki, was discovered in the year 1900 in a small church of the city. It is dated around 1300.