Double-sided icon: Virgin Mary Glykofylousa and the Crucifixion of Christ

  • Code:  ΒΕΙ 780
  • Type:  Icon
  • Chronology:  Virgin Glykofylousa (Sweet-loving Virgin; early 14th c.) and Crucifixion (18th c.)
  • Dimensions:  Height 110 cm; length 82 cm; width 6 cm
  • Materials of Construction:  Wood, egg tempera
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki

Double-sided icon. On the one side (early 14th c.) Virgin Mary in bust is represented in the type of Glykofylousa (Sweet-loving). Virgin holds Christ standing in her arms, leaning her cheek on his. On the other side (18th c.) the Crucifixion of Christ is depicted. In the middle the figure of the crucified Christ flanked by Virgin on the left and St. John the Theologian on the right. In the background Jerusalem’s wall is represented.