"Kazantzakis through the eyes of the children"

"Kazantzakis through the eyes of the children"

Start Date:  26 Feb 2018

End Date:  26 Feb 2018

Start Date Time:  17:30

Showroom:  Amphitheatre "Melina Mercouri"

"Kazantzakis through the eyes of the children "
This is a seminar, addressed to teachers of Primary Education. Its purpose is to present attractive teaching methods, which can be used in the classroom, in order children of pre-school and first-school age can get acquainted with our favorite writer. At the same time, the educational program “Traveling ... to the Palaces of Knossos”, which was designed and implemented by the pedagogues of the private kindergarten “Pedochoros” and in its context Kazantzakis’ text was used as a means in order to  get the children acquainted with elements of Greek mythology and Minoan history, will be shown. Finally, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop of reading and theatrical and art game.