Guided Tours "From Macedonian to Thessalian Tempi: From Rentina to Velika"

Guided Tours "From Macedonian to Thessalian Tempi: From Rentina to Velika"

Start Date:  04 Apr 2019

End Date:  18 Apr 2019

Start Date Time:  12:00

Showroom:  Wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos”

The Museum of Byzantine Culture organizes free guided tours through the temporary exhibition titled "From Macedonian to Thessalian Tempi: from Rentina to Velika", which was successfully inaugurated on Friday, 21 December 2018 in the wing “Kyriakos Krokos”of temporary exhibitions.

The exhibition presents five selected fortified places from Macedonia and Thessaly, connected by the fact that they were founded, built, or renovated during the years of Emperor Justinian I (527-565). Particular importance is given to the communication and the networks of roads that have been formed between the fortifications and to the economic and commercial relations that have developed in the region. At the same time, the course of each position is highlighted over time. In addition, the exhibition is another opportunity for the Museum to present important excavations of the area of ​​Central Macedonia that are kept in its storerooms and have not been exposed to the public until now.

Guided tours will be conducted by the curators of the exhibition.                                         

Dates of tours: Thursday 4, 11, 18 April 2019, at 12:00 noon.                                        

Duration of exhibition: 21 December - 31 May 2019