Virtual tour application for visitors’ mobile devices (Experiences)


The Museum of Byzantine Culture, as part of the realisation of the project ‘The digital Museum of Byzantine Culture: from image to experience Actions to upgrade the interaction and experience of a visit to the Museum of Byzantine Culture, with code No IIS 5029874, “2014-2020 Central Macedonia” Operational Programme’, has developed and made available an innovative virtual tour for selected exhibits in the permanent exhibition, using AR technology on visitors’ mobile devices (mobile app for Android and iOS devices).
During their visit, visitors can visualize important unseen characteristics and details of selected exhibits. Furthermore, there is the possibility to rotate and recombine the object from all sides to fully understand its use in daily life during Byzantine times.
The applications are available in Greek and English.
The applications operate on Android devices from Google Play and iOS devices from the Apple Store.
The applications operate both online and offline. The applications are available free of charge.