International Museum Day 2023

17.05.2023 - 13.09.2023

The theme for the 2023 International Museum Day edition will be «Museums, Sustainability and Well-being». This year ICOM wishes to highlight the vital role that museums play in promoting sustainable development and well-being. The museums by highlighting cultural and natural patrimony, as well as modern art, contribute in well-being. As trusted institutions and important threads in our shared social fabric, they are uniquely placed to create a cascading effect to foster positive change. In 2023 the International Museum Day will focus on 1. Global health and quality of life II. Actions for the climate change III. Life on earth: protecting biodiversity.

In the context of the celebration of the International Museum Day, the Museum of Byzantine Culture is organizing two actions:
1. On May 17th and 18th two school classes of the fourth grade of Elementary School will participate in an educational activity entitled “Recycle, preserve, reuse – from Byzantium to nowadays”.
2. A temporary exhibition entitled “PHOENIX – AGON” will be hosted in the wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos” with the cooperation of the Numismatic Museum  from June 8th to September 13th, 2023. The most crucial elements are reuse and recycle that contribute to circular economy, as well as the constant struggles that ensure freedom and prosperity. It all regards a visual dialogue of the modern artefacts of the Numismatic Museum with contemporary artistic creations, structured in two units:

i. “PHOENIX”: Coins, Medals and two unique worldwide Moulds and Seals of the Gorvernor Ioannis Kapodistrias (first governor of Greece) with the reborn phoenix on them are in dialogue with the creation “Anagennisis” (Reborn) of the sculptor Aphrodite Liti made of metal elements and glass mosaics and the creation “Phoenix” of the artist Yiorgos Bardakas, made of recycled materials, demonstrating how a sculpture can be reborn from the “can”.
ii. “AGON”: Medals, Awards and unique worldwide Moulds of the King Otto I, demonstrating warriors (male and female) of the War of Independence of Greece in 1821, are in dialogue with paintings by the artist Nikos Tsiaparas, inspired by them, highlight the sustainable struggle for independence and freedom of individuals and nations.

Organization: Museum of Byzantine Culture, Numismatic Museum (Athens) under the support of the Greek part of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

Coordinators: Dr. Agathoniki Tsilipakou – Dr. Georgios Kakavas

On May 18th, International Museum Day, the entrance to the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the White Tower will be free.