“Nascent Worlds” Retrospective exhibition of Apostolos Kilessopoulos

“Nascent Worlds” Retrospective exhibition of Apostolos Kilessopoulos

Category:  Temporary Εxhibitions

Start Date:  16 Sep 2013

End Date:  31 Oct 2013

Inauguration:  16 Sep 2013

Start Date Time:  20:30

Showroom:  Wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos”

Painter, author, director, scene painter, A. Kilessopoulos is considered one of the most important figures of postwar art. The exhibition is displayed in Thessaloniki with enriched material and further versions of his art, after the great retrospective exhibition at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens. With the title “Nascent Worlds", the presentation is divided into 7 sections: Wall and floor works, paintings, pendulous constructions, designs, stage designs and maquettes, graphic works, Dark Room, projection of antivideo-art. The exhibition includes works from the long history of the artist (1960-2013), selections from the sections: "Cosmic Landscapes", "Nebulae", "Circle of Gemini", “Plutonian Series”, “Crushed”, “Panspermia”, “Multiple Universes", "Loquens Light" and "Orphics". As the curator of the exhibition, the Art historian and researcher of his work Dr. Katia Kilessopoulou, points out: "In the borderline of microcosm-macrocosm, the multifaceted work of A. Kilessopoulos highlights a spiritual and dramatic dimension of the creation of the Cosmos and of the position of the human being inside it, timely and necessary than ever during the painful period we are going through. Through alluring colors and scales of various sizes (from miniature to very large), Worlds are emerging at the moment of their creation, taking us from the real to the symbolic and from the universal to the individual". Specially formatted music intensifies the viewing of the works, while the dark room (Dark Room) offers a unique experience, since the special technique developed by the painter, creates an environment beyond our known space-time.