“Christ in Greece Today”

“Christ in Greece Today”

Category:  Temporary Εxhibitions

Start Date:  31 May 2012

End Date:  20 Jun 2012

Εxtension:  20 Jun 2012

Inauguration:  31 May 2012

Showroom:  Wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos”

For the first time in Greece and before starting its European tour the collection of Prof. Varlamis "CHRIST IN GREECE TODAY" is presented in Thessaloniki. More than 80 works of large dimensions of the internationally renowned Greek painter give an unprecedented living experience to each visitor to "meet Christ", because the whole presentation seeks the personal approach. The role of the visitors is not limited to a simple observation of the works, instead they are invited to seek and discover their own Christ or to stand near a table, in front of Christ, who with outstretched arms invites them to sit down with him. At the same time the visitor can make a flashback to the history of art, because Varlamis has included images of many great artists in his work, such as El Gecko, Velázquez, Caravaggio, Raphael, to name only a few. In the central works of the exhibition, the compositions are formulated as the synoptic Gospels. The painter introduces in his compositions many events in one painting simultaneously - the Crucifixion, the burial, the mockery - but in the center is always the Risen Christ. In a separate circle the artist represents the wonders and all who were cured. Moreover there are scenic facilities, especially for children, with small wooden stools and toys as if the 'carpenter' Christ had constructed them. The exhibition was organized on the initiative of the Holy Diocese of Thessaloniki and is part of the events for the anniversary of 100 years since the liberation of the city. It also has the active support of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has been under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religions.


Holy Diocese of Thessaloniki
Prefecture of Central Macedonia, anniversary events for the 100 years since the liberation of Thessaloniki


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