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Wall mosaic with basin and peacock

Α wall mosaic found in the ruins of a church after the devastating fire of 1917. It was part of a decorative zone that was located on the inside of the arch of the colonnade of the western gallery. It depicts a golden basin full of water from which a peacock with colourful plumage, a symbol of immortality, approaches to drink. The depiction is organised against a gold background and the theme is rendered with particular grace. The peacock is rendered with teal and gold tiles. The basin is shown in the same colours. On the other side of the basin there would have been another peacock, placed symmetrically, but it was destroyed.



ΒΨ 27


Mosaic detached


5th-6th c.


Height: 105 cm., width: 82 cm.

Material of Construction

Glass tesserae on plaster


Thessaloniki, church of Hagios Dimitrios