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Marble inlay in an “opus sectile” technique

Pieces of marble of white and red colour, cut into different shapes, according to vegetal or geometric design, are inlaid into wall surface of different colour, making a composition of geometric character. Inside the central circle are two squares of red colour, while rhombuses of white marble fill the corners of the square. The whole panel is decorated with a white and red band.

Similar marble inlays, along with this one, once decorated the central aisle of the church. “Opus sectile” technique, which is a luxuriou type of decoration, is also seen in various buildings of the same era.



ΒΨ 28


Marble inlay, detached




Heigh : 80 cm., width : 80 cm.

Material of Construction

Marble tiles on mortar


Thessaloniki, Church of Saint Dimitrios