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Past and present faces of time

School year 2023 - 2024

The programme is addressed to students of secondary education.

The educational programme’s objective is to enlight the meaning of time in general and in byzantine times in particular. The programme is mainly aiming at helping students to:

  • understand how complicate the meaning of time is
  • learn how the time was calculated in roman and byzantine times
  • be informed about the counting systems of the past
  • get familiar with the museum
  • learn to observe exhibits
  • work in groups and collaborate
  • develop their self-expression skills and their imagination

At school before the visit

  • Prepare the students about the museum visit
  • Divide the students into four groups

At the museum

  • At your arrival ask the museum staff to help you with storing the students’ coats and bags.
  • Ask for the educational material.
  • Proceed to the gallery where you will undertake your booked activity.

The worksheets are available in English and French.


Teachers, Students

Free entrance


1 hour

Participants limit

One school unit (no more than 25 students). The educational programme is designed to be accomplished exclusively by the educators. If two school units are scheduled, please hold on for 10-15 min. before the second unit start the programme.

Booking information

Reservation phone numbers: 2313 306420 2313 306476


Museum galleries, Αίθουσα 1, Αίθουσα 11, Αίθουσα 2, Αίθουσα 3, Αίθουσα 7


R. Veropoulidou, Dr. archaeologist - M. Varfi, mathematician, Dr. Meteorologist - V. Zagli, theatrologist - K. Gabrani, artist


A. G. Levendis Foundation