Glass vessels

The Museum of Byzantine Culture possesses approximately 1300 registered intact and fragmented glass vessels. They were unearthed in various excavations conducted by the Archaeological Service in Northern Greece and they cover a quite wide period of time. They are dated from the Late Classical period (4th c. B.C.) up to the 20th c. A.D., although the vast majority of them are dated to the late Roman – Early Byzantine period (3rd-6th c. A.D.).

The collection also comprises fragments of very rare Middle Byzantine vessels and a significant number of vessels, mostly imports from Venice and the Caliphates which are dated to the Paleologan period (13th-15th c.) and the Early Ottoman period (15th-16th c.). Apart from vessels, a great number of window glass fragments from Early Christian buildings are included to the collection. It is a very important collection due to the typological and chronological variety of its content. In addition, the fact that their provenance is known, unearthed in organized excavations, facilitates reliable dating and enables their incorporation  in the regarding commercial and social context.