General view of the Mount Sinai

General view of the Mount Sinai
  • Code:  ΒΧει 233
  • Type:  Engraving
  • Chronology:  1804
  • Dimensions:  Height 57.2 cm; Length 69.4 cm
  • Materials of Construction:  Paper
  • Origin:  Dori Papastratou collection

Engraving printed in Constantinople with the care and the expenses of Ilarion and the hieromonks of the local dependency (metochi) of Saint Catherine on the Mount Sinai. It depicts the building complex of the monastery in the desert of the Sinai Peninsula.

Around the monastery scenes from the Old Testament are depicted, along with scenes from the life of Saint Catherine, such as the burial of the Saint’s relics by angels on the mountain’s peak. Greek numbers accompany sites and monuments, while Arabic numbers signify the narrative scenes; all numbers are cited in the map’s legend in the lower part of the work. The iconographic subject was developed in mid-16th century; it was based on the depictions found in travelogues by German travelers and in portable icons of the Cretan School masters.