Lecture: Aristotle, Avicenna and Darwin in Syria

Lecture: Aristotle, Avicenna and Darwin in Syria

Start Date:  18 Mar 2015

End Date:  18 Mar 2015

Showroom:  Amphitheatre "Stefanos Dragoumis"

To Educational Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, the “Panorama” Cultural Society and the Museum of Byzantine Culture invite you cordially to a lecture by Garth Fowden, professor in the Department of Religions in Cambridge University (Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths).

In the eighth century, Aristotle began to be translated into Arabic, mainly by Syrian Christians. In the thirteenth century the works of the Muslim thinker Avicenna constituted the basis for the Christian philosophy of the Syrian-orthodox Metropolitan Gregory Bar the Jew. The ideas of Charles Darwin released for the first time in the Arab world in the 1870s, thanks to the interest of Syrian Protestant Christians. In the lecture the temporal mediating role of Christians intellectuals in Syria in successive philosophical "revivals" is examined, the study of which can benefit from a more comparative approach.

The lecture will be given in Greek.