“Aspects of Armenian Art from the Kalfayan Collection”

“Aspects of Armenian Art from the Kalfayan Collection”

Category:  Temporary Εxhibitions

Start Date:  11 Jun 2010

End Date:  10 Oct 2010

Inauguration:  11 Jun 2010

Showroom:  Wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos”

The Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki presented the collection of Armenian art of Kalfayan family. The centuries-old coexistence of Greeks and Armenians in Asia Minor and the common history of the two people is one of the major reasons that led to the realization of this exhibition. The collection, which was first presented to the public, focused on Armenian art from the late 16th to the 19th century and consisted of artefacts of great importance both because of their rarity and the historical period to which they belong.


Museum of Byzantine Culture, Kalfayan Family, Municipality of Thessaloniki




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