“The Jews in Thessaloniki. Indelible marks through time”

“The Jews in Thessaloniki. Indelible marks through time”

Category:  Exhibits Lending

Start Date:  17 Sep 2011

End Date:  03 Sep 2012

Inauguration:  17 Sep 2011

Showroom:  Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The exhibition "Jews in Thessaloniki. Indelible marks in space" attempts to reconstruct the palimpsest of the largest Jewish community of Greece, with the help of the indelible marks of the long Jewish presence in the city.

The exhibition with its four sections presents the history of the Jewish community as an "archaeological" exploration from the Hellenistic era, where the origins of its presence are detected, until its tragic extermination during the Second World War.

A journey through space and time which reveals another story of the city. A route in the city with stations-landmarks that reflect the religious, social, economic and spiritual activity of the Jewish community.

Reference points are: the University of Thessaloniki, which covers an area, where already from the antiquity there was the Jewish cemetery, the Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki, where there was the Jewish district Rogos, the hotel Electra Palace in Aristotelous Square, built on the site of the famous School of the Alliance, the Eleftherias Square, the Customs at the port, the commercial Shopping Arcades Saul and Modiano, emblematic buildings-villas in the eastern region of Thessaloniki and the old railway station, where they were camps of poor Jews (Hirsch settlement).

Objects, rich visual and audiovisual material, which includes unpublished texts, photographs, maps, audio narrations and documents, will accompany the thematic sections.

The exhibition is part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism program "Thessaloniki: Cultural Crossroads".

Participation of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, which lends three (3) objects [two marble inscriptions BE 230, BE 242/1 and a marble capital AG 1002].


Museum of Byzantine Culture, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Teloglion Foundation of Arts, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (Program "Thessaloniki: Cultural Crossroads" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism)