«Neo-expressionism, counter-presentations of the modern world»

«Neo-expressionism, counter-presentations of the modern world»

Category:  Temporary Εxhibitions

Start Date:  08 Sep 2017

End Date:  22 Oct 2017

Inauguration:  08 Sep 2017

Start Date Time:  8.00

Showroom:  Αίθριο ΜΒΠ


The Museum of Byzantine Culture invites you cordially to the opening of the temporary photographic exhibition, titled “Neo-expressionism, counter-presentations of the modern world”, which will be held on Friday 8 September 2017 at 20.00 in the Museum’s atrium. The exhibition is a production of the group f14-Photographers’ Commune, which also had the curation of the exhibition.

Exhibition duration: 8/9 – 22/10/2017

Opening hours: 8.00 – 20.00

Entrance free



Some words on the exhibition by Fotis Paleologos, art director of the group:


One hundred years after the birth and rise of the expressionism movement, we attempt to create images inspired by expressionism, using photography – which has evolved on a utopian level – as a medium. Images that convey that atmosphere through modern day elements. Images with intense, heavy, pessimistic shadows. Images with explosions of colours. Images that are almost never joyful, that express the artist’s deeper emotions, that create an agony.

History running its circles and bustling Europe with huge current issues – financial issues, the rise of extreme political ideologies, the refugee crisis – bring to mind the fundamental elements of expressionism. We witness the counter-representations of a modern world repeating mistakes and practices of the past.

The result is images of neo-expressionism. Images that borrow elements from last

century’s movement in an attempt to express our era.

“Man screams

From the depths

Of his soul.

Our entire era

Is one unique

Piercing scream.



Screams too.

In the deep


It calls for help,

It calls for spirituality.

That is



Hermann Bahr, 1863-1934


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