Conservation Workshop of Mosaics

The conservation workshop of mosaics started its operation in 1995, in the year when the Museum opened its doors to the public. Since then about 600 pieces of mosaic floors, as well as some wall mosaics were conserved. Most of them are exhibited in the galleries of the Museum.

The workshop’s work has to do with the conservation, exhibition and preservation of mosaics. Its staff is also responsible for the control of the exhibits in the Museum’s galleries. The conservators of the workshop, in collaboration with the department of educational programs, carry out creative workshops of mosaic construction.

The workshop, in the frame of the Museum’s operation and its’ collaboration with institutions in Greece and abroad, has sent artifacts to exhibitions in Germany and in the U.S.A. Also, in its rooms artifacts from other services of the Ministry of Culture have been conserved.

In the twenty years of the workshop’s operation many capable conservators and craftsmen, who worked there, have carried out successfully their difficult work.

The workshop accepts several visits. Most of them are of educational character and the rest are visits of important political and religious leaders. For the visits of educational character there are guided tours for the schools of conservation science and of Archaeology and of course for primary and secondary schools.