Therinos (Martyr)

Therinos (Martyr)
  • Code:  ΝΕΤ 023
  • Type:  Mosaic replica
  • Chronology:  1953
  • Dimensions:  Height 57, 5 εκ., ; length 48, 5 εκ.
  • Materials of Construction:  plaster, dye and glass
  • Origin:  Thessaloniki

Replica of mosaic (4th century) that comes from a mosaic ensemble from the dome of the Roman Rotunda of Thessaloniki, and more specifically the lower zone called “the zone of the Martyrs”. Against a golden background a Martyr is represented in bust, part of the full-body figure from the dome of Rotunda. He wears the official garments of a Roman official. The replica was made and presented within the framework of the 9th International Conference of Byzantine Studies, in Thessaloniki 1953.