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Travelling in the Eastern Mediterranean through the Digital Archive of Greek Culture of Theodoros Korres (AUTH)

23.06.2015 - 13.09.2015

The Museum of Byzantine Culture participates in the events of the 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki with the temporary photography exhibition “Travelling in the Eastern Mediterranean through the Digital Archive of Greek Culture of Theodoros Korres (AUTH)”.

Having as a general theme the Mediterranean, the event is placed within the “5M Movement”, a Joint Action of the five major museums of the city. The exhibition aims to show to the public a series of places, some more and some less known, with a strong Greek presence over time, as well as religious and secular monuments that have survived until today, whose common feature is their position along the coastline of Eastern Mediterranean. Structured into seven sections, the exhibition leads visitors to an imaginary route that starts with the northeastern Aegean, the coastline of Asia Minor, moves to the southeastern part of the Mediterranean basin, to reach the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt. Initially, an introductory schematic map will be placed showing the position of the sites and monuments, along with an outline of the imaginary path the visitor is to follow through the exhibition’s photographic panorama. The first section presents sites and monuments from the ancient regions of Aeolis and Ionia, including Assos, Aivali, Pergamon, Skala Vourlon and Alatsata. The second section includes Kirkintzes, Ephesus, Priene and Didyma in Ionia, and Philadelphia in Lydia. The third section consists of Livissi, Kekova, Myra and Phaselis in Lycia. The route in Asia Minor is completed in the fourth section, which includes cities and monuments on its southern part. These are Attaleia, Perge, Side (Pamphylia) and the monastery of Alahan (Cilicia). The section of Jordan follows, where the capital Amman (ancient Philadelphia) and the city Madaba are presented, and at the end of the section we have the Mount Sinai and the famous monastery of St. Catherine. The exhibition is completed with the seventh section, which has Egypt as a subject, presenting the church of St. George of the Greeks in Cairo and the Modern Library in Alexandria.

General coordination: Dr. Agathoniki Tsilipakou, Director of the Museum of Byzantine Culture

In the frame of the exhibition a concert will take place in the atrium of the museum on Wednesday 24th of July, 2015 at 20.00 entitled “Aegean-Mediterranean: myth and reality” with the participation of the Friends of the Museum of Byzantine Culture (Elissaber Demiroglou, director), the Municipal Choir of Trikala (Eleni Ziaka, director), the choir of the Estia Pieridon Musson of Katerini (Eythymios Mavridis, director), the Municipal Choir of Litochoro “Ioannis Sakellaridis” (Eythymios Mavridis, director). Folk and art music of known Greek artists will be presented. The concert is organised by the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Association of Friends of the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Choir of the Association of Friends of the Museum of Byzantine Culture.



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Wing of temporary exhibitions “Kyriakos Krokos”

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