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Byzantines. Symbolic places and communities of a millenial empire

21.12.2022 - 28.08.2023

The Museum of Byzantine Culture continuing a longtime cooperation with cultural institutes in Greece and abroad participates with borrowing 38 museum exhibits (bullae of officials, coins, myrrh flasks, jewelleries, sculpture, ceramic and glass vessels) in the exhibition for byzantine culture «Bizantini. Luoghi, simboli e comunità di un impero millenario» (Byzantines. Symbolic places and communities of a millenial empire) that is hosted in MANN – National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The exhibition regards an incredibel travel in the real and imaginary world of the Eastern Roman Empire that survived for over a millenium after the fall of the western part. Exhibiting over 400 exhibits from 57 institutes located in Italy and Greece, the exhibition focuses at illuminating diverse aspects of the byzantine history and culture from the foundation to the Fall of the empire. Varial sectors are discussed through the exhibits such as, structure and power of the state, urban and rural sites, cultural exchanges, religiosity, arts, literature and terminology regarding administration with a focus on the relations developed among Greece and southern Italy.

The Greek Ministry of Culture participates in the exhibition with 158 items coming from museums and Ephorates of Antiquities. The greatest number of them, lended by the Museum of Byzantine Culture (38 exhibits), illuminate fundamental parts of the exhibtion, such as economy, administration, Army, Church, cult of Saint Dimitrios, private devotion, precious items and cloths, everyday life and sculpture in Thessaloniki.


Bizantini. Luoghi, simboli e comunità di un impero millenario


Exhibition Location

MANN. National Archeological Museum of Napoli