Temporary Εxhibitions

The city and its Towers

02.04.2013 - 28.04.2013

Parallaxi, through its action “Thessaloniki otherwise”, after the previous year’s success of “Made In Thessaloniki” (February 2012), repeats this successful creative week, this time focusing on the notion of the Public Area. The cooperation of the “Thessaloniki otherwise” and Parallaxi with the graphic design community of the city began two years ago (Poster for the promotion of the city – Teloglion Foundation, 2010), and continued in 2012 (Free! Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012), demonstrating the will of the organizers to promote the city’s graphic designers. This year’s subject of the exhibition comes from the three Towers of the city. What are for a city its towers? What are for Thessaloniki its own towers? How do they relate to its past, its history and its people? The White Tower. The Tower of the Trigonion. The OTE Tower. Three towers, which, through time, became symbols of the city. The graphic designers’ offices of Thessaloniki visualize their own approach and show everything that these indelible pillars symbolize, which also reflect Thessaloniki and its history through time. Parallaxi collaborates once again with the friendly Museum of Byzantine Culture which hosts in a magical and perfectly fitting space of the foyer this exhibition, created by some of the most creative minds of the city.


Museum of Byzantine Culture, Parallaxi

Exhibition Location

Reception Hall (Foyer) of Museum of Byzantine Culture