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Architectural treausures from the heartland of the Medieval Serbian Kingdom

02.04.2013 - 30.04.2013

The Museum of Byzantine Culture in collaboration with the Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Kraljevo city (Zavod za Zastitu Spomenika Kulture Kraljeva) participates in the project of the General Secretariat of Culture “Thessaloniki: Cultural Crossroads” with the photographic exhibition “Architectural Treasures from the Heartland of Medieval Serbia”.

The medieval kingdom of Serbia was linked with Byzantium and especially Thessaloniki with multiple and multilevel ties. Especially the central Serbia, area of ​​responsibility of the Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Kraljevo, is characterized by the abundance of important ecclesiastical and secular monuments, preserved in the region, which witness the highest artistic, cultural and technological level during the late Byzantine period, when the Nemanjić dynasty ruled Serbia (1166-1371). Through the rich photographic material of the exhibition the most important and most representative examples of the medieval architecture of the area are presented. Most of the selected monuments are monuments of world cultural heritage and are included in the corresponding list of UNESCO.

Exhibition Location

Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens