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Happenings 03
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Hyperpyron of John V and Anna of Savoy

It was struck at the Constantinople mine and dates from the time of John’s V co-emperorship with his mother, Anna of Savoy (1341-1347). Christ is depicted on one side blessing the kneeling emperor Andronicus III, father of the subsequent emperor, John V. Left and vertically arranged is the inscription ΑΝ/Δ/ΝΙ/ΚΟ (Andronicus) and IC XC (Jesus Christ). The other side shows wife of Andronicus III, Anna of Savoy, on the left, holding a sceptre and his son, the emperor John V, holding a sceptre with a cross and an akakia. There is also the inscription ΑΝΝΑ and Ι/Ω (Anna, John). This coin is one of the last gold coins of the Byzantine Empire, as from that time on, the monetary system was based on silver. These last coins were very few in number and consequently the particular coin is extremely rare.


ΒΝ 2353/5






Diameter 2,9 cm., weight 3,23 gr.

Material of Construction



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