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Wall painting with a scene of family worship

Wall painting from the west wall of a vaulted tomb, which represents a scene of family worship, with libations and offerings in honor of dead ancestors. The scene takes place outdoors while left and right are shown building walls decorated with garlands. Among them is represented a family: the father at the left, the mother at the right and two young boys in the center flanking low table, on which there is a glass vessel. The elder boy holds in his right hand a conical vessel, suitable for libations, while the younger holds the vessel’s handle. The parents hold bay leaves. In the ceremony participates an elderly woman depicted on the north wall of the tomb who is accompanied by the inscription: “κε Αυρηλία Πρόκλα μητρί πάντων”. Above the central representation of the west wall, and within a laurel wreath, the following inscription, written in red, is preserved: “+Φλ(αβί/ω/κε Αυρηλία/Ευστοργία/υγιένετε πα/ροδίτε.”. According to the inscriptions the tomb was built for Flavius and Aurelia Procla who is the grandmother of the young children.



ΒΤ 178


Wall painting, fresco (detached)




Length 2.11 m; width 1.08 m; Height 1.80 m (the entire grave)

Material of Construction

Mortar and pigments


Thessaloniki. Western necropolis, Nigdis Street