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Ionic impost capital with rich plant decoration and crosses

All the surfaces of the capital are decorated with rich plant decoration. In the middle of each of the short sides of the impost is a latin cross with flattened arms. From the low arm of the cross two tendrils that end to pointed leafs of acanthus are projected.

The capitals of this category are particularly interesting because they represent the evolution of the ancient ionic capital, resulted from the composition of the ionic capital with the impost in one piece of marble. During the Paleochristian period the impost is gradually enlarging in volume, while the volutes of the ionic capital become smaller and lose their role. This type of composite capital is regarded as a representative of the ionic capital in paleochristian sculpture.


AG 86




2nd half of 5th c.


Height 20 cm., base diameter 33 cm., impost 64x46 cm.

Material of Construction