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Two-zone icon with six saints

In the upper section the military Saints George, Demetrius along with the physician Saint Panteleimon are depicted, while in the lower the military Saints Theodore the Stratelates (the “General”), Theodore Tyro (the “Recruit”) and Saint Anthony. In this icon several concepts are reflected such as the attributes of the military saints as defenders of the Christians against the enemies and the healing power of Saint Panteleimon. Last but not least the presence of Saint Anthony, being great eremite of the desert, conceals theological debates. The style in rendering the expressive faces and the slender figures of the saints, in combination with the care in depicting their garments along with the bright colours indicate that the icon was made in a Constantinopolitan workshop around the late 14th – early 15th centuries.



ΒΕΙ 477




late 14th – early 15th century


Height 99 cm.; width 51 cm.; thickness 3 cm.

Material of Construction

Wood; egg tempera


Thessaloniki, Saint Athanasius church