Happenings 03
Happenings 03
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Icon of Christ Pantokrator (the Widsom of God)

Christ is represented frontally in bust length with his right hand in front of his chest, holding an open book with an inscription from the Gospel of Matthew, stating mercy and omnipotence. The iconographic type is typical of the decoration of the dome in the Byzantine churches. The title “Wisdom of God” conveys the eschatological and soteriological (i.e. redemptive) content of the icon, which, when combined with its large dimensions, indicate its origin from the church of Saint Sophia in Thessaloniki. The style of the figure classifies this work in the trend of painting that is developed in Macedonia in the second half of the 14th century.


ΒΕΙ 503




Late 14th century


Height 157 cm; width 105 cm; thickness 5 cm

Material of Construction

Wood, egg tempera


Thessaloniki, Saint Sophia church