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Joseph in the well

The icon depicts a scene from the early life of Joseph, the Father of the Jews, according to the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Joseph is depicted being drawn out of the well, into which he was cast by his elder brothers, as well as his selling by them to Ishmaelite merchants; in the background they are seen departing for Egypt (Genesis 37, 23-31). This icon, along with three others displayed at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, belong to a greater group of works consisting of at least ten known icons. The icon’s painter, Theodoros Poulakis, who was from Chania, Crete, had copied exactly a copper engraving by the Flemish engraver Jan Sadeler. The painter was one of the most outstanding artists of this genre in 17th century.


ΒΕΙ 959






Height 45.6 cm; width 53.2 cm; thickness 2.8 cm

Material of Construction

Wood; egg tempera