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Relief slab of a pseudo-sarcophagus with crosses and birds

Relief slab that decorated the long side of a built Christian tomb of 11th-12th c. The half left part of the slab is missing. In the main face, two crosses on stepped bases are depicted, enclosed in a frame formed by a wide band. The cross on the right is Latin and is flanked by a number of vine shoots growing from its base. Above the shoots an eagle on the right and a small bird on the left are depicted pecking at bunches of grapes. The cross on the left is double (Anastasis (Resurrection) cross) with a cypress growing from its base. The slab was reused, according to the engraved inscription in Hebrew, as a tombstone in the grave of rabbi Yitzhak Sarouk that died on Monday, 9th of Heshvan of the year 5375, that is November 1615.


AG 274


Relief slab


1st use: 11th-12th c./ 2nd use: 1615 a.D.


Height 68 cm., width 112 cm., thickness 10 cm.

Material of Construction