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Relief slab of pseudo-sarcophagus with crosses and plants

Enlarged relief slab of a pseudo-sarcophagus that decorated the visible side of a built tomb, placed in a special niche of the temple. On the main face, inside a rectangular frame shaped from a wide, flat band, is depicted a colonnade in relief with four arches supported by five unflutted columns. Beneath each arch emerges a cross from the stepped base of which sping a number of plants. Above each horizontal cross arm discs are depicted. The first one, from the left, bears an inscription of the letters ΦC, standing for “light” in Greek (ΦΩC).

Arcades are depicted in sarcophagus since the Roman Ages. In Christian burial context, the depiction of a cross is rather shocking for the believer reminding him of the Lord’s martyrdom and Resurrection.


AG 236


Relief slab


11th c.


Lenght 165 cm., height 45 cm., thickness 9 cm.

Material of Construction



Thessaloniki, Church of Hagia Sophia