Introduction to the Conservation Workshops

The Museum has seven different conservation workshops, fully equipped, which are specialized in specific kinds of archaeological material, wood and icons, ceramics and glass, metal, paper, mural paintings, mosaics, marble and stone. Moreover, the excavation findings are placed in a special room, where their first cleaning takes place, before they go to the separate workshops.

The conservation workshops of the Museum have modern methods of diagnosis and conservation, which are accepted by the international scientific community and in this way they manage to attract students for training and practice. They collaborate with native and international research centres, while, in the frame of European programs, they undertake the conservation of collections, which are found in foreign countries.

In the conservation workshops, under the guidance and supervision of the experienced and qualified staff, not only items from the collections of the Museum are conserved, but also objects, which belong to other services of the Ministry of Culture, or to organizations of public interest. Our aim is this work to be displayed through meetings, seminars, special editions and temporary exhibitions with educational and interactive character.