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Cards for museum visit for students of Elementary School

Cards for museum visit are an easy and flexible activity. The activity can by adjusted to the needs and the free time of every school unit.

The cards can also be used by families or simple visitors during their visit in the museum.

The goal is for students to walk through the museum in small groups and observe certain exhibits.


At school (before the visit)

The students are divided into groups (no more than 5 groups). You are recommended to divide the groups before your visit so that you are ready to start at once when visiting the museum.

At museum

Ask the museum’s personnel to give you the cards.

Each group takes a series of cards of the same colour.

Students are able to observe only one item in each gallery. Each group observes a different item in each gallery.

On the one side the cards bear a picture of an item. On the other side information about the items and instructions are given to the students.

During their visit the students can use their camera or their mobile photos in order to take photos of the items by using the flash off.

Each group is requested to have one camera or one mobile phone.

By photoshooting students become familiar with items and learn to observe for details that provide information.

When finishing the visit, each group can imagine and narrate a story of all the items they have observed or set a presentation to the other students by using the images on the cards.

Before your visit at the museum

Download and read carefully the pdf attached with all the necessary instructions and the cards for each group.


Families, Students

Free entrance


1 hour

Participants limit

One school unit (no more than 25 students). The activity is exclusively accomplished by educators.

Booking information

Reservations at 2313 306422


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Eva Fourligka, archaeologist-museologist


A. G. Levendis Foundation