Lecture: Historical Geography of the Middle East

Lecture: Historical Geography of the Middle East

Start Date:  26 Mar 2015

End Date:  26 Mar 2015

Showroom:  Amphitheatre "Stefanos Dragoumis"

The Educational Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, the “Panorama” Cultural Society and the Museum of Byzantine Culture invite you cordially to a lecture by the historian Marianna Koromila, responsible for the Archive of the “Panorama” Cultural Society.

From the Cilician Gates of Syria to the Gaza Strip in the entrance of the Sinai Peninsula and from the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and the coast of the Mediterranean and the Phoenician ports to the Euphrates and Mesopotamia.

Part of the ecosystem of the arid Asian arc, with strong geomorphological variations that shaped the anthropogenic character of each region, the "Middle East", according to the British geopolitical term, is still dominated by its geographical peculiarities and its strategic location on the world map -which again is rewritten in absentia.