Byzantine Thessaloniki

Byzantine Thessaloniki

Start Date:  04 Nov 2016

End Date:  06 Nov 2016

Start Date Time:  10.00

An intense and fruitful conversation on strengthening the historical identity of Thessaloniki and on developing its extroversion through the utilization of the city’s history is developed during the last two years.

The format of the concerns and proposals, which are common among most institutions of the city, led the Commercial Association of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the Holy Diocese of Thessaloniki and the Aristotle University, to the undertaking of a wider initiative, titled "BYZANTINE THESSALONIKI", which will highlight the history of the city in the direction of Thessaloniki’s development.

The central idea of ​​the initiative is to highlight the Byzantine character of Thessaloniki as an element of culture, tradition, history and memory and its utilization as a substantive resource of sustainable tourism development.